Cultural differences you will face when Russian women dating

Cultural differences you will face when Russian women dating

Russian women are always in the spotlight and many foreigners would like to have relationships with them. Despite this fact, there are a lot of stereotypes about these people. It’s believe they are too mercantile and materialistic, some of them want to get the green card and to live abroad. Which of these statements are true? Are there really cultural differences between Russian girls and Western men?

If you visit Russia, you will understand that some of these stereotypes are close to be truth, but anyway, they all are terribly exaggerated. However, you can face some cultural differences that you should take seriously before entering romantic relationships.

Gender imbalance in Russia

According to the Russian government-sponsored statistical agency, there are 54% women and 46% men in Russia. This is different compared to Western countries that don’t have such imbalance.

Unfortunately, some Russian women will never find a partner in Russia which leads to demographic crisis in the country. Nowadays the government tries to take some measures to increase the population.

No wonder that Russian women are very friendly and hospitable towards foreigners. Even if a woman is beautiful, there is no guarantee that she will find a husband. Many girls consider the possibility of finding a partner abroad because there aren’t many options in Russia.

Many men think that Russian girls want to escape their country by marrying a foreigner, but it’s far from being true. The economic situation in large Russian cities is quite normal, that’s why many women from there are independent and capable of living alone. They just want to find an equal partner for emotional and physical closeness and mutual support.

Bear in mind that Russian girls are very pragmatic, that’s why they will try to find the best partner for themselves. Don’t forget about simple biological rules: you will barely can get a woman who is much more attractive than you. But there are a lot of regular girls in Russia who would like to create family.

So if you want to find a Russian lady for long-term relationships, be more realistic. Choose someone attractive enough but who is ignored by most of men. This type of women is kind and open-minded, so they won’t mind to be your partner.

Language barrier

Even if you both speak English well, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any misunderstandings between you. Speaking her mother tongue, you will talk with her heart. Speaking English, you talk with her mind only. Most of expats in Russia prefer to use English while talking with Russian women. The cultural difference in this case is inevitable.

You can see a simple example: most of Western people take the word «no» as no. Russian women and most of Russian men consider this word the invitation to negotiations. For Russians the word «yes» means the full agreement while for Western people it means «maybe».

If you want to have serious relationships with a Russian lady, your Russian should be fluent enough to maintain a conversation.

Family values

What are Russian women like? They all want to build strong family and it’s much more important for them than for Western people. When this lady finds a new partner, she usually seeks approval from her parents about her choice. They prefer to introduce boyfriend to their parents after several dates already.

If you want to be with a Russian lady, you will have to take her family like yours. To understand Slavic culture better, spend some time with your girlfriend’s parents. They all love to spend summer on dacha and in a country house.

Russian lady not only take care of their parents, they are eager to create their own family. No wonder because they are perfect mothers and housemakers. At the same time, these ladies work. It’s rare when a woman can stay home and take care of children without going to work. On the contrary, Russian men prefer to escape house duties at any price.

Western men try to help their partners and to do some household work. They expect less from their women while Russian ladies expect less from Russian men.

Early marriages

The most unpleasant cultural difference is that Russian women have a huge pressure going from the society that force them to be married and to have children by 25 years old. Nowadays, the situation is changing gradually, but most of elder people believe that family is the most important thing in life.

Russian doctors push women to give birth earlier as well. No wonder because older marriages also lead to demographic crisis.

Strict gender roles

There are some outdate gender roles in Russia that are approved by the society. Most of men don’t do any house work and don’t participate in bringing up children. If they help women in something, they are extremely grateful for this little help.

Russian women can’t work in some places, for example, they can’t be miners or conductors in trains. But to be fair, these professions are very hard and dangerous.

Despite these gender roles, women can yield influential positions in social and cultural area.

You will always pay

Many expats in Russia are unpleasantly surprises that they have to always pay on dates. Some men are used to split the bills in Europe, but in Slavic countries you will have to forget about it and to put up with another culture.

Of course, you shouldn’t buy a woman everything, but it’s non-negotiating that you will pay in restaurants and cinemas.

Russian women look incredibly

They do everything to impress other men. Ladies put on make-up and wear stylish outfits even when they go to the grocery store to buy some food. They are used to look perfect in any situation. Don’t be jealous, if she is your partner, she isn’t going to leave you, but she will keep dressing nicely and impressing other men. If you want to know dating a Russian woman rules, first, pay attention to these cultural differences. It will help you to understand Slavic ladies better and to build serious and healthy relationships with one of them.

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