Dating or Matchmaking — Distinctive Features

Dating and matchmaking — what do you know about these terms? Is there anything you give preference to? In case you are new to the online dating industry and know less about it, then we will guide you and tell you more about the meaning of the two. 

Different sites work based on a simple dating or matchmaking principle, and some users do not understand the difference between the two. Some even think that these mean the same. However, dating and matchmaking work differently. Let us get all this straightened out.

What’s Special About Dating?

Dating sites work on the principle of classic dating ads: “he is looking for a girl” or “she is looking for a man.” Such sites provide a brief description of users, their photos, a list of interests, or hobbies. All these data are aimed at attracting the attention of other users. In other words, it is pure marketing.

Thus, you can look through thousands of profiles and still not find anyone suitable. The interests of users who are looking for dating vary greatly — from innocent flirting and sex to creating a family. There are even those who are just looking for friends, like-minded people, or fellow travelers. If you dream of a serious relationship, then keep in mind that finding a partner to create a family on dating sites is quite difficult.

What Are the Features of Matchmaking?

The concept of “matchmaking” is not new; it has been widely used by many. Simply put, dating sites that work according to this principle perform the function of marriage agencies: they search for a suitable partner based on the criteria specified by the user, which could be:

  • age;
  • weight;
  • height;
  • eye/ hair color;
  • nationality;
  • background;
  • interests/ hobbies;
  • attitude to family/ children/ pets;
  • religion.

When registering, the user is invited to undergo a detailed psychological test, which serves as the basis for the selection of a suitable partner. Based on the results of this test, psychological portraits of users are compiled. Thus, the site has the opportunity to meet candidates taking into account the principle of complementarity and compatibility.

Recipe for Success

On dating sites, it is a user who selects people to contact or date. In this case, many focus on brief profile description and photos. Of course, physical appearance is important, but many factors are of no less significance. The matchmaking site selects the candidates that are most suitable based on your interests, expectations, and preferences for dating. The matchmaking site also takes into account other search criteria, for example, age, education, religious views, etc.

Unlike dating sites, where the user deals with the “unfiltered” stream of applicants, the selection of a partner on dating sites with matchmaking technology is carried out using a scientifically-based method, which allows the user to save time.

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