How the Dating Industry Works — Features and Trends

Online dating is one of the oldest segments of the Internet economy. You will be surprised to know that launched two years earlier than Google appeared on the web. So you can imagine how old and well-established this industry is. However, browsing Google every day is normal practice, whereas online dating is considered by many as something associated with watching porn. Is it so? What do you need to know about online dating? And how does this industry work today? Let us get all this straightened out.

Yes, Online Dating Continues to Be a Trend

As communication flows into social networks and instant messengers, ideas about online dating also change. Over the past 10 years, the percentage of Americans who consider them “socially acceptable” has grown from 44 to 85 percent. Moreover, according to the Pew Research Center, 7 percent of US residents 30-49 years old met a spouse or regular partner on the network.

Say “Hi” to Anti-Crisis Dating

According to estimates by J’son & Partners Consulting, the global online dating market brings a couple of milliards of US dollars per year. Industry leader Ladadate (operating on the international market under the same-name brand) controls the big part of the market. The user base declared by the company is 31 million, of which 10 million use the service every month. The share of other players (Badoo, LovePlanet, Teamo, Tinder, Mamba, and others) is significantly less. For example, Teamo estimates its audience at 10 million registered users.

Dating on the Go — Approved

The popularity of mobile dating, young dating audience, and the demand for services with geolocation tracking are the most relevant trends in the industry. Speaking of leading online dating sites, more than half of service users are under 25 years old; they use mobile phones for dating purposes and strive to find partners close to them.

Dating Security Is a Must

Taking into account the increased number of cyberattacks and hackers striving to access personal info of users on dating sites, it is no wonder that many companies are starting to implement high-end data protection logic. Thus, some solutions that have already become the gold standards are:

  • SSL technology;
  • Automatic data encryption;
  • No cloud/ server data storage.

In such a way, companies provide 100{1ea2b56d7c51d4328ee10ad3ce59760c0c68da9b498e531ddcc8c0a588523939} data security and anonymity to their customers.

Smart Matchmaking Algorithms Work

Many online dating companies employ the latest technological solutions and help users find partners by dint of smart matchmaking algorithms. The solution picks potential partners based on specific selection criteria you enter. 

Final Say!

The online dating market doesn’t stand still. The industry follows all the recent trends and addresses customer needs if there are any. Aimed at simplifying online dating processes and workflows, the dating industry offers multiple solutions that make partner search and online communication fast, easy, and effective.

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